Equipment Buildings

Equipment Buildings

Prefabricated skid mount equipment buildings offer a fast reloadable or permanent  equipment shelters solution. Equipment buildings and well houses  can be skid mount or floorless for mounting on to foundations or concrete pads. Equipment shelters can be built as skid mount, trailer mounted, fork liftable or with crane lifting eyes.

Additional Features available

Insulation packages, electrical package (lights, outlets and panel), hvac packages, grounding systems, cable entry ports, surge suppression, redundant systems, Wire raceways, alarm systems,

Advantages to prefabricated buildings over conventional construction are faster delivery and cost effectiveness.

Factory built structures cut down on building cost.

Since prefabricated buildings are built in a factory they can be erected in far less time and under controlled conditions unlike on site conventional construction. Manufactured buildings are designed and engineered in house eliminating the cost for outside architectural design and engineering services. Drawings for manufactured buildings are submitted to a state regulatory department responsible for code and plans approval for prefabricate structures. This procedure usually eliminates the  local building department involvement concerning the buildings construction.

Factory built structures cut down on building time. 

What can be gained by reducing the time it normally takes to design and engineer a building, submit plans for review and proceed through the construction and  inspection process? In most cases the time it takes to design, manufacture, deliver and install a factory built structure is less than half the time of conventional on site construction.


Building Material Options:

Primary Structure: steel or wood

Siding Choices: steel, aluminum, wood, rock aggregate panels and fiberglass

Roof Choices: steel, aluminum, epdm

Floor Covering: Tile, carpet, steel/aluminum deck plating.

Interior Walls and Ceiling: Vinyl covered gypsum, Fiberglass reinforced panels, wood paneling, suspended tile

Some Of The Industries And Products We Supply


Oil and Gas (mining)




Some Of The Products Supplied.

Equipment shelters, well houses, pump house, motor control buildings

Instrument shelters, equipment buildings, repeater stations

Monitoring shelters, testing facilities, emergency response trailers

Equipment shelters, testing and monitoring, steel storage containers

American Portable Buildings Specials

American Portable Buildings Ready To Ship

American Portable Buildings Custom Design

Products Available:

Pump House Enclosures

Storage Containers

Scale Houses

Motor Control Buildings

Portable Buildings

Modular Office Buildings

Equipment & Instrument Shelters

Security & Guard Buildings

Construction Site Office Trailers

Modular Office Trailers

Temporary Classroom Buildings

In-Plant Offices

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